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How is this even a diet?

if I could give 100 stars I would!
This program is truly so easy to follow and stay on track with. You don't feel like you're on a diet at all!
Slim Mamma has really created the easiest way to lose weight. Its like having a delicious chocolate milkshake for breakfast every day and i'm allowed to have actual chocolate every day to. 😃
After 2 rounds on the 30 day program I've lost 8.5kgs. 4kgs to go! 👏🏻

I've tried them all

I nearly gave up on trying to find a shake I can actually stomach.
The Slim Mama Shake tastes out of this world delicious !!!

Best part... I've lost 9kgs !!! I feel incredible. I don't feel restricted at ALL!

The snacks and recipes the girls share on their socials are so helpful and easy.
Thank you Niki and Kristy xo

Awesome program

The slim down program is amazing! Gives heaps of low calories options that you can chose to fulfil those sweet or savoury cravings. Love it!


The Chocolate flavour is amazing!! I wake up looking forward to my shake everyday and I haven’t had that before. Highly recommend.. 🥰

Best tasting shakes!!!

I have tried quite a lot of diet shakes and nothing compares to the amazing taste of slim mama shakes especially the vanilla.


Absolutely loving my chocolate shakes. I look forward to them every morning. Currently on day 7 of the 30 day program and down a kilo! It’s so great to actually find a shake that works, with the bonus of it tasting so good.


Absolutely love these shakes. The best tasting I’ve had. No grainy taste and I feel amazing!

Convenient and Nutritious

Slim mana shakes are a great way to ensure you are getting good nutrients while on the go. My reason for purchasing the shakes was for the convenience of having nutritious meals easily while at work or rushing around. Always tend to miss lunch as too busy to stop but the shakes makes it so easy and are very satisfying. Great tasting too!
The e-book was my other purchase which I have found to be a great resource for easy and healthy recipes as well as meals on the go that are slim mama endorsed.
Thank you

Fan Girl

From the convenience to the flavour 10/10 for me. I have always struggled sticking to a balanced lifestyle and with the Slim Mama shakes it takes the thinking out of it for me. I still get to enjoy all my favourite foods in moderation which is a huge game changer compared to gruelling work outs accompanied by tuna and rice. You ladies are kicking some serious butt!

Chocolate 600g 20 meals

Very tasty had it with skim milk and almond milk very good will order some more soon

Tastes just like a chocolate milkshake

So yummy and has collagen in it! Along with other vitamins. I find it filling and my body seems to respond well. I love it and will be buying more.

Great products

Great product! Will buy again

The shakes are really filling, easy to make and very tasty.

Tastes better than excepted

The chocolate protein shake tastes good, I was worried to try it because I have brought a few in the past from different companies and I didn't like the taste but with this one it's not very heavy and it's not too much chocolate. It fills me up for a while which is good 👍.

Slim Mama Shake - Chocolate 600g (20 Meals)


The protein powder is amazing, I am fuller and it taste great. The program is amazing too, great understanding of what to add in my daily routines and the recipes are amazing also.

New Customer

Just a little thankyou for a delicious tasting shake!! First whey shake I've had that doesn't upset my tummy, Slim mama service was outstanding I was surprised at how fast it turned up and have since ordered again - can't wait to try the caramel protein ball mix!!

Love Love

Love Slim Mama. I work weird hours and Slim Mama is just the best for me plus there very yummy and thick which I like very much and fill you up fast.
Love Slim Mama Shakes.
Thankyou for your yummy shakes. You guys rock.

Slim Mama Snax Choc Brownie Protein Ball Mix
Eleni Pap
My new favourite snack!

The only problem I have with the Slim Mama Snax balls is that it is really really hard to stop at one.

Slim Mama Shake - Vanilla 600g (20 Meals)

Best Product ever! I was very hesitant to try this as I do not like vanilla flavours at all! But this amazing product has changed that for me. I mix with just water and it is so light, fluffy, filling and full of amazing rich flavour. Definitely will continue to purchase this delicious product 🤩

Some nice flavours available.

Slim Mama Snax Protein Ball Mix Double Bundle
Easiest snack to make and super delish!

Was looking for a healthy snack option that was easy for on the go. Loving the slim mamma protein balls! You have to control yourself to just eat the serving size they are that good! Yum, yum and yum! Looking forward to my snack times now


Love the program .
love the smoothie and love the recipes and snack ideas that we can get from the supermarket.

easiest program I've ever used

girls, When you said it's weight loss without feeling restricted you weren't wrong! I have lost 4.3kgs in 30 days and I haven't felt like im on a 'diet'.
Thank you so much for creating such an easy and enjoyable program.
Everyone should know about this!

Slim Mama got me a bootyyyyy

I totally love the 10 minute express workouts in the program. So easy to follow and time efficient. I do them 3 to 4 times a week and its made such a difference. My booty is looking firmmmmmm.