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Life made simple with snacks of course 🫶🏻

This shake taste amazing and keeps me full! Plus all the snacks I can eat and still loose weight!!! What more could you want! To also help those ladies sitting on the fence I’m a regular gym hitter but haven’t had time due to commitments since starting the shake and the scales are still going down!!! So get on it


Amazing taste

The best

Usually weight loss shakes don’t work but wow in 3 weeks I lost 2 dress sizes with eating healthy and having a shake for breakfast I’ve had amazing results

5 STARS for Slimmama Vanilla !!!

Weight loss is just the consequence of this delicious, convenient and easy-to-make shake that I truly love! Honestly, i've tried many shakes (& weight loss diets!) and since trying Slimmama I dare not try anything else. Not only have i lost 7kg (YEP!) in I've found the convenience and taste equal to none! No gritty aftertaste, no lumpy bits and best of all it's filled with so many other goodies like protein and collagen and makes a great base for all your fruity favourites (stewed apple, banana and a touch of cinnamon is my favourite "apple pie') It satisfies my sweet tooth craving without the guilt. i have no hesitation in recommending and have many friends who are now loyal slim-mamas!

Love it

I am loving the shakes & snacks

Great taste!

The shakes have a great taste and really did keep me full! My only criticism is the aftertaste of the Stevia so if there was a way to have the shake without that, it would be 5 stars for me!


Initially I tried the vanilla flavour and thought wow! It’s literally just like a vanilla milkshake! I’ve just tried the chocolate flavour and it’s just like coco pops! I’m really happy and impressed. Cannot fault the brand, taste etc. happily purchase again!

Great shakes

I’m loving this so much best weightloss shake I’ve had in ages no horrible aftertaste like most shakes out there will definitely be buying more

Genuinely impressed!

This shake is light, smooth and such a great flavor! I've tried so many different shakes and this one leave me feeling full and satisfied. Overall, I'm really impressed by this product. Well done ladies!

Great shake

Tastes great, mixes well and keeps you full!


I am only beginning week 2 and shake only in the morning. It is day 8 and have already lost 1 and a 1/2 Kilo. Shake has a nice taste no after taste and I have tried many.


The taste is amazing!!!!’


I love that the shakes mix easy. Plus with the lid doesn't get shake mixture stuck in it like other brands.

Highly recommended!

This is the best tasting most filling shale I've ever tried. This is my 3rd purchase Now and it's the only one I will buy

Highly recommended!

Not only are the flavours phenomenal, the support from the girls is there from the moment you get your delivery. You journey is now theirs. You’re not left to your own demise like another weight loss shake company has done to me. It’s like you’ve become a sister. I feel supported every day. The breakfast banana shake is divine. And the recipes Kristy shares are every day normal foods, just a healthier option. I’ll be forever grateful for Slim Mama Co. there isn’t enough words to describe how highly I recommend them.


The slim mama shakes are definitely the best on the market! They are so delicious and doesn't have the yucky powder taste like many others!

So delicious!!!

This shake is so creamy and delicious as well as filling!


I love the smooth creamy consistency and taste. It really is like no other shake on the market and the added benefit of collagen and all the other goodies make it a winner for me!

Great experience!

I love the chocolate flavor! This is the first protein powder I’ve ever used and I love that it is safe to use while breastfeeding. Love missing it up with almond milk, half a banana and lotus spread as suggested on the super helpful Instagram page!


It is so creamy and not gritty at all. Don’t have to use a blender to get the creaminess either just straight into the shaker with milk. 😋 curbs hunger pangs and tastes so good too 😋


I love absolutely everything about this shake! Not only is it helping me lose the kilos, it’s delicious! Love the culture of this brand and their community, absolutely recommend to everyone!!

The shakes are very tasty and keep you feeling full. The dinners in the 30 day slim down are so yummy and family friendly and family approved!

Yummy and practical

This is the first time I've enjoyed a replacement shake and found a slim down program that gives me a practical guide to finding snacks in the store rather than having to hand make everything. Love it soooo much!!!!

Love it!

The chocolate tastes amazing! Love making the biscoff smoothie with it, will be ordering more ☺️