Bridget is 3.7kgs down in 30 days on the 30 Day Slim Down Program! 👏🏼 
“So thankful I found Slim mama shake! As a working & studying mum of two, it allowed me to start looking after myself and my body again. Having not only the convenience of a quick shake, but so many snacks to choose from, the 30 Day Slim Down Program allowed me start my weightloss journey! Can't wait to continue on the shakes and see further results”
Results break down 👇🏼 
Weight 76.8kg > 73.1kg = 3.7kg
Chest 100cm > 96cm
Waist 90cm > 95cm
Stomach 94cm > 89cm 
Hips 100cm > 96cm 
Legs/thighs 55 > 52 cm

Bridget is 3.7kgs down in 30 days on the 30 Day Slim Down Program


Fast track your weight loss with our 30 Day Slim Down Program Premium Edition. 
Our program includes everything you need to lose weight easily, conveniently and without feeling restricted or hungry. 
The 30 Day Slim Down Program includes:
- Printable and calorie guided easy to follow meal plan (treat meal included).
- 193 supermarket purchasable snacks (photos included. Yep! 193, that’s not a typo).
- 30 easy and delicious family friendly dinner recipes. We have including one for every night of the program so you’ll never bored.
- 16 snack recipes - Bake and refrigerate for later so you’re prep’d af.
- 71 Slim Mama approved frozen meals (photos included).
- Printable weight loss trackers and education on tracking and measuring.
- Learn how to estimate your portions when eating out - then you have no excuse for overeating!!
- Space for personalised affirmations to stay motivated and dedicated. The only thing standing in your way is YOU. 
- Online support group - let’s do this together! 

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