Tips for Working Mothers

Balancing work, life, kids, the housework, the laundry and everything else in between can be hard! So here are some tips that can help balance life that little bit better.

Don’t even try to multitask. I know this might be hard for some of you but in general people perform better when they focus attention to the task at hand. When you’re at work, stop worrying about the laundry, when you’re helping your child with homework don’t also be stressing over tomorrow’s dinner. 

Let go of the idea of perfection. There is no such thing as perfect! As Mothers, we strive for perfection but surprise it doesn’t exist! Therefore you can’t achieve it. So stop obsessively cleaning your house if it’s clean enough, or putting yourself last to be seen as the “perfect” mum, use that energy to enjoy time with your family, because time is something you can never get back so enjoy it!

Create and Organize a Family Calendar. Figure out your family's priorities such as sports, dancing or play dates. Then make a calendar which can be easily shared and synced on smartphones, so other family members know what’s going on. This will make life a lot easier while juggling being a taxi for everyone and getting everything in the week done. Calendars can include dates when bills are due, a chore chart for the kids, birthdays, and more. 

Meal prep on the weekend and get everyone involved. Make a day of meal prep and get the kids involved! Give them little tasks and make a game of it. This not only will save you time during the week but it means you can spend some quality time with the kids while getting your meals ready for the week!

Write a shopping list while waiting for the train so you know exactly what you need to get when you get there. If you commute to work use that time on public transport to write your shopping list. This will make life a lot easier if you need to stop by the supermarket on your way home. Going to the supermarket hungry and without a list increases your chances of impulse buying of unhealthy foods to give you an energy boost before dinner.

If you have any more tips for our SLIM MAMA community please leave them below!

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