You’re sitting on the couch watching TV, then all of a sudden you hear something calling you… You ignore it at first but then it gets louder and louder…

You walk into the kitchen... Open the pantry… IT’S THE COOKIES!

You have a mental fight in your head about whether or not to do it. You just had dinner - surely you can’t be hungry! But there’s this inner voice screaming EAT THEM! EAT THE DAMN COOKIES! TREAT YO SELF!

Ever had this before?

Well, I’m here to give you a technique to STOP these midnight munchies.

When a situation like this occurs I want you to remember to say these things to yourself..

S stands for Stop
T stands for Think
O stands for Overview
P stands for Pick!

So I want you to STOP, then THINK.
“What am I doing? Am I just on autopilot? I have choices here”

Then OVERVIEW the situation
“Am I even hungry?”
“How will this affect my goals?”
“How would I feel after I eat it?”
“Is it even worth it?”
“If I was THAT hungry would I eat an apple?" If the answer is no then you aren’t physically hungry - you are mentally hungry!

Then I want you to ask yourself...
“How would I feel if I had some strawberries instead? Or had a green tea?”

Then pick - either to have the cookies and maybe go over your calorie level that day, or to choose a healthier alternative. Even call a friend or take a bath! They say that cravings last 20 minutes, so if you can distract yourself for 20 minutes those cravings should go. My favourite thing to do is to go brush my teeth! Cookies don’t taste so great with a peppermint tasting mouth.

This habit has helped me and many clients overcome mindless eating and temptations.

So next time you find yourself being called to the pantry, STOP THINK OVERVIEW THEN PICK!

You can even use it when you feel unmotivated to be active.
This is an example:
STOP!– Before you lay on the couch
THINK!– I can persuade myself
“How will I feel after I exercise?”
“Do I want to be one step closer to my goal?”
“What are the pros of exercise?”
“How will I feel 1 kilo lighter by next week?”
PICK!– whether to laze on the couch or to get up, BE ACTIVE, and be one step closer to your goal!

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