The Power of Visualisation

Staying motivated means keeping your goals in visual sight and I mean literally.

I want you to think about an event that you're looking forward to. An event where you want to be at your goal weight or looking great at.

Now I want you to answer these questions and visualize yourself there.

  • How much weight would you like to lose for it?
  • Where do you see the weight coming off?
  • What will you be wearing?
  • How will your outfit look?
  • How will you be feeling in this outfit at your goal weight?
  • Would you feel proud and accomplished?
  • What would people be saying about the new you?
  • What emotions are you feeling knowing that people have noticed your transformation?

Now I want you to STOP.

Now I want you to do the same, answer all the questions and visualize yourself but this time you are 3-5 kilos heavier.

You still there? Little scary isn’t it.

But it will make you stop and think about it. You have what it takes to start to take action towards your goal right now! Don’t wait until Monday. By Monday you could be that much closer to your goals. So instead of feeling regret at that event that you didn’t start earlier, you will be proud to be in your own skin rocking your outfit and improved confidence!

So get the ball rolling! Jump on board with the Slim Mama shake and weight loss guide eBook and get yourself on the way to living out your visualization!


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