The Best Time To Weigh Yourself

The scale is a tool to keep track of your weight loss. It can be motivating, and just as demotivated, depending on what it says each time you step on. To ensure its accuracy, here are some tips to keep in mind when using the scale to keep track of your weight loss.

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Only weigh yourself in the morning

The morning is the best and only time I recommend weighing yourself. You will always be heavier at night! The food and liquid you have consumed throughout the day are still being digested and in your body, so it will show up as weight on the scale. I recommended waking up, going to the bathroom, jumping on the scale with the SAME clothing on each time. Clothes have weight, there is no such thing as 0g clothes so either way in naked or in the same clothes each time.

Don’t have a hot shower or bath before weighing in

Do you know how boxers and other athletes in weight division sports, jump into showers or saunas before weighing in? Well, they do this to reduce water weight to be lighter on the scale. This isn’t fat loss, this is water loss! Believe it or not, you lose body water in the hot shower, so this can give you a false sense of weight loss if you jump on the scale after a shower or bath. If you do this, as soon as you drink water that water weight that you lost from the shower will come back and you won’t have a proper gauge of how your weight loss is actually going.

Weigh yourself in similar circumstances

The same day, same time, finished dinner the night before at a similar time, same clothing, same scale, the same section of the bathroom that the scale is on! Everything makes a difference! Have you ever used your scale on one bathroom tile then moved it to another one and your weight was different! Yeah well, this is why I suggest keeping ALL variables the same to keep consistency. It’s also important to note when you have your period so you can see the trend of scale weight go up during that time. You may gain weight on the scale before, during or after your period so it’s good to keep note of that so this temporary weight gain every month doesn’t demotivate you.

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