Signs Of Weight Loss

If you’re dieting, you might be using the scale as your main measure for weight loss success. However, there are many signs you are losing weight that don't always mean a drop on the scale. Below are some ways to gauge your weight loss without relying on the scale. I might also add that the scales shouldn’t be your only way of measuring weight loss success. There are way too many variables when it comes to the scale and its reliability. 

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Energy levels

Due to carrying less weight around, you might feel your energy levels have risen. Say you’ve lost 5kg, imagine putting on a 5kg weighted vest and doing your daily tasks with it on. This extra weight can make a big difference in joint and muscle strain and energy usage, so now that you’ve lost a bit of weight it will be easier for your body to move around, which means less energy used up which can be saved for playing with the kids!

Clothes are fitting better 

Clothes never lie, so if you find your clothes are fitting much better this is a great sign of weight loss! I find with many of my weight loss clients that it’s the work clothes that are the most unforgiving when it comes to weight gain, but the best telltale sign is when you have weight loss as we wear our work clothes the most. So whether it's a pair of work pants buttoning up easier, or another notch on a belt, clothes can be a great indicator of your hard work.

Changes in the mirror

This one is a tricky one, as we see ourselves every day so it may be hard to see changes. If you don’t see the changes in the mirror, a good idea is to take a photo in the mirror using your phone. Then you can use apps such as PICCOLLAGE to compare photos side by side. My advice would be to take a photo with the same lighting, in the same room, with the same clothes on, at the same time of day, the same time of the month etc. You want ALL variables to be the same for comparison such as this one. Photos are a great way to visually see your weight loss, especially if the scale isn’t being nice that week.

Better sleep

If you’re overweight or have extra kilograms to lose, sleep can be affected by the extra weight. According to Fry. A & Rehman, A (2020) People who are obese are more likely to report insomnia or trouble sleeping than those who are not obese. There is also evidence to suggest that obesity is associated with increased daytime sleepiness and fatigue, even in people who sleep through the night undisturbed.”

Another study by Hopkins, J (2012) also noted that weight loss can help improve the quality of sleep among people who are overweight or obese. So if your sleep is getting better, you might want to thank yourself for losing weight!

This might also be great motivation for losing weight because I don’t know about you but I am VERY grumpy when I’ve had a bad sleep. We also crave more sugary food when we are sleep deprived, and our willpower isn’t as strong so weight loss may be harder if you suffer from bad sleep. There’s some more motivation for you, you’re welcome!

In conclusion, don’t always rely JUST on the scale for measuring your weight loss efforts.


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