One Simple & Easy Tip for Weight Loss

I was watching the show ‘Secret Eaters’ the other day on Youtube. 

Side Note: great show, highly recommend! 

During the show they have a Doctor on there named Dr David Lewis. Throughout the show he does studies looking at behavioural patterns and the connection to weight loss/gain. In this one episode, he looked at how people shop and the food choices that they make when they go shopping hungry.  The results were pretty shocking. He found that the test subjects who were hungry when they went shopping chose more high fat, high sugar snacks AND ate 300% more than shoppers who weren’t hungry. Not only that, they made choices containing 400% more fat, eating 2500 calories just for lunch! 

I was so intrigued by this so I did some more research. Could simply going to the shops after you’ve eaten reduce your weekly calories? And help you make healthier choices? 

Well the answer is yes, not only will you save on your food bill, you will also save on your non food bill! Yep that’s right, a recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has linked unsatisfied hunger to a desire to buy non-food items.

The study involved 379 volunteers who took part in five behavioral experiments. The results indicate hunger has a direct impact on how many items a person buys, even if the items themselves can’t satisfy hunger (2). According to the study by Alison JX et al (2015), hunger status increased the amount of money spent on nonfood products by participants. 

I won’t bore you with the studies, but during my research for this blog I found numerous studies confirming that if you go shopping hungry you will buy higher kilojoule snacks, and more non food products. High kilojoule snacks in the house means more temptation, and if you give into these temptations and go over your daily calories it means less weight loss outcomes. It also affects health outcomes, such as cholesterol, blood sugar levels etc etc moral of the story… eat before you shop!

EXTRA TIP-  Take a list of foods that you need so you aren’t tempted to buy unnecessary food items!





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