How to Achieve 10k Steps a Day

10,000 steps can be a daunting task - add that to the list of things to do:

  • Feed the kids
  • Get the kids ready
  • Clean the house
  • Shower (in peace, if you can)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Get dinner prepared
  • Oh and GET 10,000 STEPS IN. 

But don’t worry Mamas, we have some easy tricks to get you guys moving! After we learnt that 10,000 steps a day burns 500 calories, we started brainstorming how, as mothers, we can integrate this into our busy schedule.

Park further away from school off and pick up.

Not only are you more likely to get a car spot, but by parking around the block, you could be up to 2000 steps closer to that 10k goal.

Post dinner family walk

Walking helps digestion and burns extra calories. After dinner, make it a habit for the family to go for a quick 10 min walk around the block. It will also help tire everyone out so when you get home you might have a quieter and calmer household to deal with.

Call your girlfriends 

Do you catch yourself on the couch calling a friend and gossiping about the latest news on The Bachelor? Well GET UP MAMA! Walk around while you’re on the phone. Pacing around the house for 20 min is another 2000 steps closer to your daily goal and it won’t even feel like exercise!

Putting the clothes away 

After the washing machine is done, take one item of clothing out at a time, walk to the clothes hanger and clip it on. Do that with every piece of clothing and you’ve pretty much completed a gym routine - well done! This can also be done with the dishwasher. Put every plate and cup and bowl away one at a time and before you know it you’ve clocked up hundreds of steps.


Fitting it into your workday (this ones for working Mamas)

During your work day, there are plenty of opportunities for steps. These include getting off one stop earlier so you can walk that little bit extra to work. Instead of emailing co-workers, get up and walk to them or invite them out for a post-lunch stroll.

Take the stairs instead of the lift - this one is great for building a great butt too! 


Social Media strolls

When scrolling your feed, pace around the house or the lounge room! You’ll be surprised how many steps you can clock up while stalking people on social media.


Ad breaks

I did this once with my little one during an episode of Law & Order. Every ad break we got up and walked around the lounge room. It ended up being equivalent to a 20 minute walk! You can even make a game of it with the kids by playing hide and seek during ad breaks; just make sure you are always walking around looking for them!


No matter how small or insignificant it might seem, it all adds up!

So add these into your daily routine and post it on your socials with the hashtag #mamamoment! We wanna see your moments and ideas!


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