Practical Hygiene Tips

Mamas need to band together to help protect our families from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some handy tips:

  1. If you need to venture out to the shops, do not let your children walk around the shopping centre. Keep them in their pram; if they are not in the pram, make sure they are holding onto the pram or hold their hand.

  2. Press buttons with your elbow instead of your finger, e.g. lift buttons or when waiting at the lights.   

  3. If you can’t press the button with your elbow, use your knuckle instead of the tips of your fingers as you are less likely to put your knuckle in your mouth e.g. lift buttons or when using self-serve checkouts.
  4. There is usually no need to hold onto railings or anything except your pram/child.

  5. Mobile phones are a haven for bacteria.  We sanitise our hands but we forget about our phones!  Take some disinfectant wipes in a ziplock bag when you go out as shopping centres are out of wipes. Wipe your trolley and don’t forget to wipe your phone if you have touched anything and then used your phone.

  6. Sanitise hands as soon as possible after they come in contact with surfaces. 

  7. Wash hands thoroughly as soon as you get home.

Do you have other tips for fellow mamas? Share them in the comments below.

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