Don't Waste Your Time! 3 Weight Loss Products That Don’t Work

As much as we wish weight loss was as easy as taking a fat burning pill, it’s unfortunately not the case! So don’t be fooled by fancy marketing when it comes to weight loss products. 

Below are 3 of the WORST weight loss products IMO.

Waist Trainers

Popularised by Miss Kimmy K, this product is meant to train your figure into an hourglass shape and help you lose weight around the midsection.

Wearing a waist trainer will not cause permanent changes to your shape! You are born with your shape, the only way to change your shape in any way is by lifting weight to build some muscle and/or losing weight. Let me also remind you that you can’t spot reducing fat, so you have to be patient and let the fat come off your body where it wants to.

The claim that they help with weight loss. I can’t facepalm large enough for this claim. Waist trainers do not aid meaningful weight loss. The loss you get from wearing one is simply from sweat, once you replenish that water you lost your waist will go back to the same size it was prior to you wearing the waist trainer.

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Fat Burning Drinks/Tablets

The main ingredient in these ‘fat burning’ drinks is acetyl-l-carnitine. Acetyl-l-carnitine helps fat get into the cell to be burned for energy. So in theory, taking acetyl-l-carnitine should help your body burn more fat? Unfortunately, that's not the case. The human body is extremely complex, and the results of both human and animal studies on this matter are not so black and white. For example, in an eight-week study in 38 women who exercised four times per week, there was no difference in weight loss between those who took L-carnitine and those who didn’t (Villani, RG et al 2000).

Another study which had similar results, by monitoring L-carnitine’s effect on fat burning during a 90-minute stationary bicycle workout. Four weeks of taking supplements did not increase fat burning (Broad, EM 2005). 

In conclusion, don’t waste your money. 

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Slimming Teas

I WISH I could drink tea and burn fat, but this is not the case. As Medical News Today noted, there are actually class action lawsuits against companies who sell their teas as weight loss supplements. 

“At least two lawsuits involved companies whose advertising made false claims about the effectiveness of their tea in aiding weight loss.” says Jenna, F 2017 writer for Medical News Today. 

Most of these teas have either laxatives, diuretics or caffeine to give you the false sense of weight loss. And let’s not forget that there is little to no legitimate evidence that any slim tea or detox tea for that matter is effective for long-term weight loss.

I hope by reading this article I have stopped you from wasting your money and time on these fake news products.


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