We are creatures of habit. Whether it’s a good habit or a bad habit - it is still just a habit.

Diets, on the other hand, are often a fad.

If you want to succeed at long term health and weight management you need to change your eating habits. To change your eating habits you will need:

  • a deliberate action (a decision to change);
  • a plan (as you must ensure that you are replacing your bad food choices with good food choices;  these choices need to be satisfying and deliver all the appropriate vitamins and nutrients);
  • direction and support (as we are but human); and 
  • practice (as practice makes perfect)

At Slim Mama Co our goal is to provide you with the tools that you need to change bad eating habits into good eating habits, and to become a healthier version of you. Slim Mama Co has formulated a delicious meal replacement shake for women to assist them in reaching their health goals.  Our aim is to support women to get into the habit of replacing their current breakfast with our Slim Mama shake (or their meal of choice) and then to continue to make good food choices during the day. By doing this, the brain will re-wire and making good food choices will become an automatic response.   

The Slim Mama Shake is rich in vitamins and minerals to ensure you have a well-balanced meal. It has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and it contains collagen protein which studies have shown can help with hair strength, skin elasticity, nail health, joint pain and gut health.  It has an excellent source of fibre to help keep you regular. The Slim Mama Smoothie is also high in protein to ensure it keeps you fuller for longer and provides energy to help you get through a busy day!  

At Slim Mama Co we understand that if it doesn’t taste great, it is not going to work. The right shake is imperative.  We know that if you don’t particularly like the flavour or the texture of your shake and/or it leaves a bad taste in your mouth then that often makes it difficult to sustain.  When wanting to lose weight using a meal replacement you have to look forward to having it and be left happy and satisfied. We have worked very hard to ensure that our smoothie tastes delicious and has a creamy and silky texture with no aftertaste so that you begin your day with a tasty and satisfying meal.

We have also developed food plans (our e-books) to help you make good food choices during your day and a support platform (on and Instagram @slimmamaco) that will work to support you in your quest to change unhealthy eating habits and deliver what is needed to succeed.

Change can be challenging and confronting, but by making the decision to change your first food choice of the day to a Slim Mama Smoothie and making it a habit to make daily good food choices, you are on your way to creating healthy eating habits.  

Remember: Good Habit/Bad Habit – it is still just a habit. With the help of Slim Mama Co along with our supportive community, every woman is more than capable of breaking those bad eating habits, creating healthy new habits, and achieving their goals. 

Believe us when we say that when you eat good, you feel good.

Head to our Products page to get your SLIM MAMA shake!

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