Are You A Weekday Dieter?

Monday to Friday you are on point with your healthy eating plan. Then the weekend hits and you think, well I’ve been so good this week I can splurge a little and it shouldn’t affect my weight loss TOO much. You go to breakfast and order avocado toast, then that night you decide to have a few sneaky glasses of wine. The wine has started to make you a little tipsy and your inhibitions start to be a little more lax so you hit the pantry and next minute you have eating amnesia as you end up eating wayyyy over your calorie target.

Monday hits… you weigh yourself… no loss? No loss?! But you were so good Monday to Friday.

Does this sound familiar? 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you, my friend, are a weekday dieter.

My personal definition of Weekday Dieter.

WEEKDAY DIETER [ week-dey dahy-it-er ]


  1. Someone who eats in a calorie deficit on the weekdays, but then blows out on the weekend. 

How does this affect your weight loss goals? 

Please refer to the below and the explanation below it (1).


As you can see, this person will lose fat as long as they take in around 1750 calories per day.

They do this Monday to Thursday without any issues.

From Monday to Thursday, they have created a deficit of 2,200 calories - this is worked out by 550 multiplied by 4 days. However, when the weekend strikes everything changes. Weekend splurges mean they are at 3,500 between Friday and Sunday (a total of 1,200 per day), effectively cancelling out the 2,200 deficit from the previous few days.

Our body works on average over time, not day to day. So as you can see when all of the calories are added up across the 7 days, so now this person is actually eating TOO much food. This makes it impossible to lose fat which will probably end up demotivating this person and they will think diets don’t work.

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So what now? How do we fix this weekday dieter mentality?

Well first things first is realising you are doing it, which I think from the above example you will either know you are one, be in denial, or have stopped reading this blog by now because it doesn’t apply to you.

One solution is to follow a flexible dieting style. Most people splurge because they feel restricted during the week. This is why at Slim Mama we believe in the 80/20 rule. This means 80% of the time eat healthy, 20% of the time enjoy your treats. If I say to you that you can enjoy an ice cream EVERY NIGHT while dieting will you be less likely to want to splurge on the weekend? Studies have said yes! (2) People who feel they aren’t restricted when on a diet are less likely to go overboard when given the chance. This is why we have created #mamamoments which are low calorie (delicious) snacks you can enjoy while still losing weight. If you head over to our Instagram and look at the mamamoment highlight you will be able to find them. 

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Here are some more quick tips to help keep you on track 7/7 days so you keep on track with your goals.

  1. Prepare your meals in advance
  2. Check the menu before going to a restaurant so you can choose the healthiest option before you get there
  3. Don’t go to a restaurant starving
  4. Don’t fall into the “I'll start again Monday trap”. If you dropped your phone would you pick it up on Monday? NO! So if you overindulge on a meal, or even have a whole day of over indulging, pick your diet back up the next meal or the next day!
  5. Enjoy your favourite treats in moderation so you don’t feel deprived

I hope this helps next time you are tempted on the weekend. Just think - how will you feel on Monday if you stuck to your guns and ate in moderation and were one step closer to your goal? Ask yourself this next time you are tempted to over indulge!

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